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Hop on the yoga train with this full body, energizing flow with Coach Karen!

This quick full body flow will stretch and soothe your muscles while helping prepare and energize your body for whatever is next in your day.

Coach Karen is a yoga instructor YTT 200; YTT 500; and a Team Betty Rocker Coach inside of Rock Your Life – my online home workout studio and women’s fitness community!

Yoga is especially beneficial to include in a balanced training plan as it opens up space around the joints, connects your body and mind, and improves muscle tissue health.

Adding in mindful movement like this can help balance your stress pillar and support muscle recovery by giving your muscles and joints a break from high impact or high intensity workouts.

You can find more of Coach Karen’s fantastic yoga classes inside our Rock Your Life online home workout studio and women’s fitness community alongside a wide variety of other types of training.

Now join Coach Karen and let’s go!

Did you enjoy this workout? Then you will LOVE the Raise The Barre Challenge inside of Rock Your Life! The Raise The Barre challenge is a low-impact, high energy challenge that incorporates my favorite barre-style workouts with pilates and yoga flows. If you are looking for increased flexibility, booty building, core work and intensity without the impact, you will love this one!

Yoga Express

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Yoga Flow:

  • Tabletop to down dog to three-legged dog sequence
  • Chair pose to eagle pose sequence
  • Down dog to plank to cobra sequence
  • 3-legged dog to warrior I to eagle pose sequence
  • Side angle pose sequence
  • Triangle pose sequence
  • Revolved triangle pose sequence
  • Plank to locust pose sequence
  • Bridge pose to supine twist to brief guided meditation

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Great job Rockstar! I’m so proud of you for showing up for yourself today.

Be sure to check in below with me and Coach Karen and let us know how you liked this class and what sequence was your favorite!

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