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Wayne and his co-host Jason were chatting during a podcast episode about Ron DeSantis and his establisment backers – people like Paul Ryan, Jeb Buh, and all the NeverTrump funding that’s just waiting to come flooding his way. And the chat got into DeSantis and his “declaration” to run for president, and why he’s dragging his feet so hard and for so long? Well, Jason and Wayne know exactly why… And the reason is simple: Ron can’t run right now.

That’s right, Florida, law won’t allow it. But trust me, he’s trying to change that law so he can try and take out Trump.

What an evil, power-crazed swamper.

We actually reported on this recently:

We all know that Ron DeSantis is currently planning to run against President Trump. Yes, it’s happening behind the scenes, but people on all sides of the issue, from all sides of the political spectrum have said it’s happening, and Ron himself won’t deny any of it, so it’s clearly going down. And this is probably one of the most backstabbing, disloyal moves anybody has made against President Trump, and that’s saying a lot, because there’s been so many nasty things done to him. But, if it wasn’t for President Trump, DeSantis wouldn’t even have that job.

Trump dragged him across the finish line in a race he couldn’t even win on his own – against a bisexual meth-head.

And to make matters worse, Ron is saddling up with the GOP establishment and NeverTrumper’s to try and splinter MAGA and take down Trump for good. It’s completely disgusting and a total dirtbag move. There’s no way to spin this in a positive light. Ron is young, he can wait, but he won’t. He’d rather be part of the establishment plan to end MAGA once and for all.

But there are obstacles to get Ron on the ballot… obstacles he’s currently trying like hell to overcome. And one of those is the “Right to Run” law, which would make it impossible for him to run for the White House.

So, Ron, by way of his state cronies, is trying to modify the bill so he can enter the race.

It’s a solid theory.


The word on the street is that if Ron is dumb enough to still go through with this stupid plan that he will announce his run sometime in the summer.

So, he still as time to wise-up, let’s hope he does, because this move would be political suicide for him. There’s no way MAGA would back him, and he’s being a disloyal jerk with trying to take out Trump and MAGA.

Really sh*tty thing to do.

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