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Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday visited East Palestine, Ohio, two weeks after the toxic train derailment. That’s right. Trump visited the scene of the crime after his administration rolled back an Obama-era regulation requiring new brake systems on oil trains. That takes a lot of nerve.

Of course, Trump used his time there to bash Joe Biden even though the president is dealing with a genocidal maniac at the moment after a year of the Russian military raping women and children, and murdering civilians in Ukraine. Biden is trying to preserve democracy worldwide.

Newsmax and OAN featured Trump’s visit, but Fox News did not air his photo-op.

Trump told the residents of East Palestine that he was donating thousands of bottles of Trump Water to the town. However, Trump Water was discontinued in 2010. So, the guy even lied about water.

He launched a rant about football.

He told the residents of East Palestine to have fun.

He went to McDonald’s and told the workers he knew more about the menu than they did.

The insufferable twit dismissed questions about his administration’s rollback of Obama-era rail safety regulations, saying he “had nothing to do with it” even though there are receipts.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will be going to East Palestine today.

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