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You may find that several of the best TV wall mounts in the roundup could work. How do you choose the right one? A flat-mount TV bracket is the simplest to install and typically the cheapest option. However, other types of TV wall mounts may be better, depending on your needs. There are a couple of considerations that can help you pick the best one. 

Start with your television’s size. While most wall-mounting kits cover many television sizes, it’s good to know your TV’s actual size before you order. Keep in mind that the television size isn’t a simple measurement of the width of the television. TVs are classified by diagonal screen length instead. A 48-inch TV isn’t 48 inches wide. Therefore, be sure to check your television’s manual for sizing, or measure the screen diagonally, from one upper corner to the opposite lower corner, to know if the wall mount you’re looking at is compatible with your TV size.

Next, consider the room’s function and overall atmosphere. If it’s a sunny room, you may want a tilting TV mount that allows you to adjust the screen a few degrees up or down to avoid reflective spots. In other situations, if the sitting area isn’t directly in front of the television or the TV is shared between multiple zones, a full-motion or articulating TV wall mount may be a better option. Full-motion TV mounts are usually the most expensive but allow you to pull out and turn the television toward other spots for added viewing flexibility.

Choose this TV wall mount…

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USX Full Motion Mount

The best overall wall mount for TVs

Mounting Dream MD2163-K Fixed TV Mount

A fixed TV wall mount

Everstone Full Motion TV Wall Mount

To adjust your wall mount after installation

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK

A TV wall mount that minimizes glare

Mounting Dream MD2413-MX

A TV wall mount with single-stud installation

Juststone Heavy Duty TV Bracket

A curved TV wall mount for brick, concrete, or wood-stud walls

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