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Convenience stores throughout St. Paul have 90 days to dump their apple-flavored chewing tobacco, fruit punch cigarillos and strawberry “e-juice.”

On Wednesday, the St. Paul City Council voted 7-0 to prohibit flavored tobacco products on most store shelves.

A new ordinance restricts the sale of flavored tobacco to tobacco shops, which are open to customers age 18 and over.

The ordinance drew opposition from attorneys representing tobacco retailers and trade groups, who said St. Paul’s convenience stores had fared well in compliance checks and were being unfairly punished.

The new rules were supported by the St. Paul-based Ramsey Tobacco Coalition, the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and the Aurora-St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corp.’s weekly youth group, “Vision in Living Life: Change is Possible.” They maintained that tobacco companies use flavored products to entice children, especially children of color.

“I think this day today was a good day for our community, and for African-American youth,” said Vision in Living Life director Damone Presley.

The new ordinance also restricts flavored vaping or “e-cigarette” products to specialty shops that are age 18-plus and derive at least 90 percent of their revenue from tobacco or e-cigarette sales.

Troy Decorsey, owner of the Love Doctor novelty shop on University Avenue, said he has operated Vape Pros, a vaping counter, within the store for three years, and he now has 90 days to dismantle it.

That’s a setback, he said, for smokers looking to quit.

“We fight against tobacco ourselves,” said store manager Michael Weiss.

The restrictions on flavored products mirror rules recently adopted by Minneapolis.

The St. Paul ordinance also sets the minimum price for cigar packages. Retailers much charge at least $2.60 per cigar for packages containing three or more cigars, or $10.40 for a package of four cigars.

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