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When it comes to the mobile OS, there are a few major players at best. When it comes right down to it, there’s really only Android and iOS. Sure, Windows Phone is still out there and they have some great handsets and the setup isn’t bad, but they lack apps. People like apps. In fact, they love apps. Android and iOS are not only flourishing because they’re great operating systems, but they have a large number of available apps that users can download and install to their handsets, making them ten times more useful in every day to life. Windows Phones is a great operating system as well. If it just wasn’t for their lack of apps, they could be a bigger contender. The newest player in the mobile OS game will be Samsung’s Tizen in the future, and what might make or break their possibility of becoming a popular mobile OS is the ability to cater to individuals with applications.

Prior to today’s rumors, Samsung had apparently made the decision to not allow Android apps to run on handsets that will be sporting their platform. This might change however, and if it does it could be for a couple reasons. With Tizen being a newcomer to the world of the mobile OS, they would likely have a small offering of apps compared to its competitors for a period of time, until the platform had some time to grow and mature, and developers had the time to build apps for the OS. This would have been risky though as consumers who chose to give the Tizen OS a go could have potentially been left without the use of the apps they might have come to know and love over the years. Samsung would undoubtedly try to capture native version of the most popular apps out there, but there are so many they wouldn’t be able to grab them all at once. According to sources Samsung is supposedly considering the capability for Tizen to run java-based Android apps on their OS, which would not only allow for users to continue having access to the apps that they love, but it would give them time to work with developers on getting native Tizen versions of those same apps up and running.

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