OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro review: A stellar successor to the Q1 Pro #ThePayoff Wordle 613 X #twug Tommie #JJK214 Yuji Adin Ross #RHONJ #JJKSpoilers Creighton Vivek Daily Quordle 394

I didn’t care much for the design of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro when it launched in 2019, and I called out the manufacturer for the excessive use of chrome and the wobbly stand. My worries about the stability of the base or the slide-out soundbar proved unfounded, and the Q1 Pro turned out to be terrific in daily use; in fact, I used it as the primary living room TV for the better part of two years.

So when OnePlus said that it was launching a successor to the Q1 series after a three-year hiatus, I was immediately interested. While the company continued to release TVs over the last three years, they’ve been focused on the entry-level Y and mid-range U series, and we didn’t get a follow-up to the Q1 Pro. Until now.

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