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Mavenir Launches Open vRAN Containerized Solution For Deployment In Hybrid Or Multi-cloud Environments With Red Hat

Mavenir, the network software provider that is creating the future of networking with cloud-native and run-from-anycloud solutions, today announced the introduction of a virtualized RAN solution . open (open vRAN), which runs on Red Hat’s OpenShift for cloud deployment, and runs on hardware that is general purpose, off-the-shelf (COTS) and available off the shelf from major server vendors. The solution, in compliance with the O-Cloud specifications of the O-RAN Alliance, uses the O-RAN O2 interface to enable Mavenir’s Cloud Native Networking Functions (CNFs) for resource management provided by OpenShift de Red Hat, the market leading platform for the enterprise Kubernetes platform.

The end-to-end offering provides a complete solution for putting open RAN to work, including lifecycle management, orchestration, and automation, with the goal of lowering the barrier to entry for both service providers and deploying enterprises. public and private 4G and 5G networks, with real-time use cases that require on-premises equipment. The solution is being deployed by three tier-one service providers in global markets, including Asia, North America, and Europe.

Mavenir Open vRAN is a fully containerized O-RAN compatible solution, running on open interfaces compatible with O-RAN Split 7.2x and Split 2. Furthermore, it is disaggregated into a Distributed Unit (DU) and a Centralized Unit (CU). ). Designed to support multiple fronthaul splits simultaneously, it is the ideal vRAN solution for a future-ready, vendor-agnostic strategy.

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Red Hat OpenShift gives organizations the ability to deploy in any hybrid or multicloud environment with a fast, flexible, and easy-to-manage platform that accelerates application development and extends control over distributed resources.

Mavenir’s open vRAN runs on Red Hat’s OpenShift and can be deployed on any combination of network models, including 4G, 5G SA (standalone), 5G NSA (non-standalone), and massive 5G MIMO. As such, it brings the following benefits to service providers:

Accelerated Implementation: It is a pre-engineered and integrated solution, it is ready to be implemented, with minimal planning.

Cost efficiencies – Reduces overhead on on-premises cloud infrastructure and leverages mainstream COTS hardware

Less hardware footprint – Less space required than other on-premises cloud solutions.

Continuous innovation: DevOps-based CI/CD software releases and upgrade cycles that reduce time to market for new capabilities.

Security, performance, and reliability features— powered by Red Hat’s OpenShift.

BG Kumar, Mavenir’s president of Access Networks, Platforms and MDE, said, “ This collaboration with Red Hat enables Mavenir to address the requirements of carriers and enterprises that need hybrid or multi-cloud solutions, as well as those seeking a solution that works on-premises, but with the benefit of automation and orchestration of a cloud deployment.”

“ Red Hat is building a bridge for customers to embrace the open RAN movement, connecting business needs with the technologies underlying our open source expertise. Red Hat OpenShift offers a consistent and flexible cloud-native foundation to accelerate application development and open RAN deployments in any network environment,” said Honoré LaBourdette, vice president of Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and Network Edge Ecosystem. Hat. “ By supporting Mavenir’s open vRAN solution on Red Hat OpenShift, service providers are better equipped to meet unique networking requirements on an agile and reliable open source platform.”

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