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What you need to know

  • Google is expanding its Magic Eraser feature to Android and iOS users with Google Photos.
  • Users will also have access to HDR video effects and new collage styles.
  • You must be subscribed to Google One in order to take advantage of the features.
  • Pixel owners will have access to all these features without a Google One subscription.

Magic Eraser has been a staple of Google’s latest flagship smartphones, allowing users to use the power of Tensor AI to remove objects from images. Now, more than a year after it was introduced on the Pixel 6 series, Magic Eraser is finally making its way to more smartphones.

Google announced on Thursday that Pixel exclusivity is dropping for Magic Eraser, meaning any Google Photos user on iOS and Android will be able to use the feature starting today. Older Pixel models will also have access to Magic Eraser. This also includes the Camouflage feature that blends objects into the background to make the subject pop.

Demo of Magic Eraser removing people from a beach photo

(Image credit: Google)

In addition, Google is expanding the HDR effect for photos and making it available for videos.

“You can already use the HDR effect on photos to help balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds (or vice versa), so you can soak in every detail. Now, the HDR effect also lets you enhance the brightness and contrast across your videos. The result? Dramatic, balanced videos that are ready to share.”

Google Photos video HDR

(Image credit: Google)

To take advantage of these features on iOS and Android phones, you must be subscribed to Google One, which starts at just $1.99 per month. However, Pixel owners will be able to access these features without a subscription.

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