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KILL SCRIPT makes NIGHTMODE return on progressive original, ‘All Night’DSC 3007

KILL SCRIPT and NIGHTMODE found each other in the same title a numerous amount of times throughout 2020 and 2021. After delivering what could only be described as his biggest release to date—”AFTERPARTY”—towards the end of 2022, the two have now reunited for the first time since KILL SCRIPT’s VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT EP with “All Night.”

Premiered to a sold-out audience at Exchange LA, “All Night” sees the former Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch lean into his progressive side as he musically illustrates the overwhelming emotion of newfound love. The emotive “All Night” vocal reels listeners into its melodic depths, enabling KILL SCRIPT to shift stylistic direction away from the hard-hitting nature of “AFTERPARTY” and continue to polish his arsenal of more uplifting productions. With “All Night,” KILL SCRIPT sees his extensively diverse discography already begin to flourish in the new year. Stream it below.

Featured image: Tessa Paisan

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