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So, here is some good news if you are looking to download PUBG. You can now play PUBG on every console. Initially, PUBG was a pocket game that then got released on the PC platforms and now Xbox One consoles. And not leaving behind, soon enough now you can download PIBG on your PS4 too.

There is nothing new that can be said about PUBG, the game that literally took the rest of its competitors close to out of business. The only next contender that you can find is in Fortnite. This comprehensive yet fierce battle has provided gamers with unimaginable features to play with.

Kicking off the Battle Royale phenomenon, Players Unknown Battlegrounds is dominating gamers everywhere. Because what is better than being thrown into a carnal survival game where you continue to collect weapons and keep upgrading. After all, if you don’t duck, you are going to get shot.

Like, legit shot, because everyone is there shoot for the thrill.

So, that is PUBG for you, the survival game that has got kids and adults hooked while creating offshoot industries thriving on gaming and streaming.

Without further delay here is how to download PUBG.

how to download PUBG.
download PUBG.

Download PUBG on Mobile

PUBG was initially developed to be played as a pocket game on the go and that turned in to an absolute addiction in many parts of the world. So, no doubt that everybody wants to download PUBG now.

Therefore, if you have an Android phone then there is where you download PUBG.

And, if you are an iOS user click here to download PUBG.

However, if you are a newbie just follow the installation steps below which are the same for both the Android users and iOS users.

Step 1

Download PUBG form your online store.

Then click the ‘install’ button.

Step 2

Now, wait for the installation process to finish.

And, once completed, find the PUBG game on your home screen.

Step 3

Log in with a valid e-mail ID and create your profile and start your Battle Royale right away!

Download PUBG for PC

There are two ways you can play PUBG for PC. If you want to download PUBG on your desktop/laptop then either you have to download Bluestacks an Android Emulator or the paid version is through Stream. It also happens to be the advertised method to download PUBG on Mac or Windows PC through STREAM, for just $30.

So, to play PUBG Mobile through an Emulator download Bluestacks for Windows from here. And for MAC click here. Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, locate the file in your ‘downloads‘ folder and run the installer. wait until the process is completed and you should find Bluestackson your PC home screen now.

Now that you have the PC emulator on your device, it is time for you to get the PUBG apk.

If you don’t download the PUBG apk well, then there is no use for your emulator, to begin with and also you won’t have access to the full version with unlimited weapons.

Download PUBG apk from here.

Now that you have the apk downloaded. All you have to do is ‘open‘ Bluestacks and you will locate the PUBG apk there. Click the PUBG apk icon to start playing.

Download PUBG for Xbox One

You can play PUBG with on your Xbox console with an Xbox Pass that you can avail of here.

Download PUBG
Download PUBG with XBox Pass

To play PUBG on your Xbox One console is easy. PUBG is free to use with in-app purchases. Download PUBG for Xbox One here.

Download PUBG for PS4

Similar to your Xbox console get your PUBG for your Play Station 4 here.

The installation steps for all console ‘driven’ download of PUBG is simple too. Just download and you will find it on your respective Xbox/PS4 home screen. Click the PUBG icon and start playing.

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