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Two Powerball lottery tickets sold in California won their owners more than $1 million each, according to the California Lottery,

Both tickets were purchased in early November, one in Southern California and the other in Northern California.

Ariana Rosas was the lucky winner in SoCal. Rosas purchased her ticket from a supermarket in San Bernardino County. That ticket correctly matched five of six Powerball numbers and netted Rosas $1.04 million.

Eastland Food Market in Ontario, where the ticket was purchased, will receive its own chunk of change for selling the winning ticket.

A slightly bigger jackpot was awarded to the owner of a ticket sold in Lassen County.

Steve Bisset took home $1.12 million after also matching five of the six Powerball numbers. That ticket was purchased at Susanville Supermarket in Susanville, located near the Nevada border.

Like the Ontario store, Susanville Supermarket will also receive a kickback for purveying the winning ticket.

California Lottery officials said January lotto earnings resulted in $230 million raised for public schools. That total includes scratcher tickets and drawings like the Powerball and Mega Millions.

The California Lottery estimates that fiscal year 2021-22 will have generated a record $2 billion for public education causes.

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