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A raft of research, supported by startup developments, suggests drones inspired by nature are the future of flight.

Plans for the future of airborne transport include seeing a small army of drones competing for space in the sky with the 50 billion birds worldwide. But there’s also the potential of a halfway house, where drones that look like birds end up flying alongside the animals they’re inspired from and the traditional quadcopters.

A new raft of drones inspired by nature, many of which are university spin-offs, are capturing the attention of investors. Animal Dynamics, which was launched in 2015 as a spin-off from a University of Oxford project and has since raised £35 million, sells the Stork parafoil drone, which — while not looking much like an animal — includes inspiration from nature in terms of how it works. (A previous project, Skeeter, was more closely inspired by the movement of a dragonfly’s wings, including its flapping propulsion.)

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